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Harry Potter AU

SLYTHERIN? Sean cringed as the headmaster removed the Sorting Hat from little Tom’s head. Clearly a mistake had been made. There had never been a Cassidy in Slytherin! It was strange enough when Cousin Ciaran was sorted into Huffplepuff, to be sure, but the family of Gryffindors could handle that. But Slytherin? What would he tell his parents? He was supposed to take care of Tom, not give him over to the dark arts! This was going to be a difficult year.

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Jubilee held on as tight as she could while covering her ears. Though to say the sound didn’t still pierce her skull would be a lie. She winced, the expression but still held on tight, trying her best to navigate him towards her place at Clint’s building. Someone was supposed to be watching Shogo, but a mother’s instinct told her she needed to get back, somehow and get them out of the apartment before she entered.

Only Sofia and Clint knew what she was, afterall.

A quick text was sent off to the sitter, it was probably disjointed. She wasn’t really paying attention. It just included the necessary bits that she was on her way home and to just be sure he was napping when she arrived.

She clutched tight for the rest of the flight, trying to hold on to vestiges of rationality and having zero luck with any of it. She was a wreck, an absolute wreck.

As New York spread out before them, questions filled Sean’s mind. If Jubilee was here, then who was taking care of her child? So much had changed since his death. Kurt was dead, Scott and Logan had fallen out, and so much more.

Which side was Jubilee on? Did she choose a side at all? Sean supposed that her choice would surely impact who she trusted with the child. She’d better have stayed with her own kind, he thought, the twins prejudice permeating his mind, and not left the poor wee thing in the hands of homo-sapiens.

He awaited Jubilee’s directions with breath as baited as it could be while he screamed. More questions arose, ones that made him question the very foundation of his mission. A mutant parent did not necessarily mean a mutant child, after all. Would Jubilee be forced to leave her son on earth when the mutant migration took place? And what did being a mutant really mean to the twins? If she’d lost her powers, would they still consider her a mutant?

And if she wasn’t a mutant in their eyes, would they punish him for helping her? Sean shrugged off this last thought. What could they do to a man who was already dead? No, it wasn’t for himself that he worried.

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